Cats are special. They have been revered and feared throughout history. And for good reason.

Ever since her husband passed away and left everything to her, Mother has never been the same. She began taking care of cats, lots of cats. Mother loves her cats. The cats love her.

Her son David, on the other hand, does not like cats. He does not like the way Mother dotes on them, and does not like anything else about the situation.

It’s high time something was done about Mother’s crazy cat-lady lifestyle.

Of course, that could have its own special hazards.

The Ways of Cats is a fiction work by Garon Whited.

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Garon Whited

So, does everyone still think that @PrimeVideo would be the best service to make a show out of the Nightlord series? We think so maybe everyone should let them know? -BP

Cats rule in the ways that count

Short story with an unexpected and heartwarming end. Cats have many powers but they can’t completely thwart the evil intentions of humans.




As always, it’s been a joy to read everything I’ve found on Amazon by this author. Just quirky and smirk worthy enough.



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