The world is in trouble. Correction. The world is ending and soon. The Last Days are coming and humanity is unable to stop it. Naturally, humanity has a backup plan.

Welcome to the Moon, where the air is thin, life is hard, and the Earth isn’t fit to live on.

Now, how can we make things better?

“It’s the end of the world, and I have the best seat in the house.”

Luna is Garon Whited’s science fiction and fantasy story of one man surviving the end of the world despite it many obvious obstacles. And his attempt to save some of humanity.

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Luna is available on Kindle, Hardcover, and softcover.

Awesome Discovery!!!

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys words flowing beautifully through the mind, transporting one’s self to another place, another time, another life or more simply, anyone who enjoys a really well written story.

-Kindle Customer


Great book!

Great book! After reading “Nightlord: Sunset”, I was eager to read another of this author’s works. This certainly didn’t disappoint! Unique setting, great characters, and excellent dialog. Highly recommended.

-Michelle Hartline


Spectacular Storyline

Whited presents his readers with both a swashbuckling tale of space adventure and an insightful look into the meaning of humanity. I am recommending this book to every speculative fiction nerd I know and trying to get the word out on this great find!



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