Book 5 of the Nightlord Series now Available

Eric knows it’s not easy, being King. Fortunately, he has a Queen for that.

Eric–or King Halar, or Vlad, or any number of aliases–doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s hard to pin down what he does want, if anything. He lives a quiet life, almost a solitary one, mourning in his own way for the loss of someone dear. His quiet solitude can’t go on forever. Despite the empty places inside him, events and creatures move through the worlds and across the void between, forcing him into action, into fighting, into confronting things perhaps better left alone…

…even forcing him into being a King.

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Ship’s Log: Vacuum Cleaver

Exploring a galaxy is only dangerous when something goes wrong–and things often do go wrong. Captain Daniels has a converted cargo ship and he’s out scouting new star systems for the Cygnus Corporation, building up his fortune in order to retire, get married, and settle down. Just one more run, that’s all. Always one more run.

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