Faced with war and the end of the world, Eric–or Halar the First, King of Karvalen–must find a way to stop a godlike entity bent on his destruction. His quest will be no easy thing, not a straight line to his goal, but even he can’t anticipate just how far it will lead him on this epic journey. He will have to go farther than he can imagine from everything he has ever cared about before he can even begin a new journey–a journey home.
Can he save the world and the people he loves? And, in so doing, will he be able to save himself?

Nightlord: Mobius is the sixth book in Garon Whited’s Nightlord series.

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Nightlord: Mobius is available on Kindle and Hardcover.

Needed That

I just found the Nightlord Series about a month before the release of Mobius, and listened to all the other books on Audible in two weeks. As such I could not be more excited to see another book on the way so soon, and now the wait for the next book begins.


Outstanding continuation of the series

It’s everything we expect from Nightlord stuff, and continues the fine tradition of the series. A worthy continuation of the already-awesome story.

-Bob Miller

Amazing Book!

As with all of Garon Whited books, this was amazing. Not only is it my favorite book series that I would do anything to read, it’s given me inspirations on my own writings. I think that’s the best compliment any writer can have. It shapes the future of others books and this ideas. Thank you for a great book once again

-Ryan Marques

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