Eric is a physicist, angel vivisectionist, and an architect of things to come. He’s also an accidental time-traveler, stuck in the past and trying to re-create his own future.
Now he’s got to save the world for a better tomorrow, but not like everyone does, in general, every day. Oh, no. He has to make a better tomorrow that looks exactly the way he remembers it or there may be no yesterday, no today, and no Eric!
There is a reason he hates time travel and it has nothing to do with physics
“Penumbra” is the eighth book in the “Nightlord” series, following “Nightlord: Fugue.”

Own Penumbra: Book Eight of the Nightlord Series

The Way Vampires Should Be

The author really breaks away from the cliché vampire stereotype of Anne Rice and others, lending us a unique insight into humanity, along with a wry, witty and often sardonic humour to what would otherwise be an overdone theme.

-M. Beaconsfield


Nightlord Sunset by Garon Whited is a quite interesting…Every page kept me guessing. Compelling, suspenseful, and engaging. Garon Whited knew how to keep his readers hooked.

-Danielle Urban

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Absolutely loved this book!!!! A rich tale, good depth and lots of content! I feel totally satisfied that I got my monies worth in purchasing this book. Enjoy this book, it’s a good one!!!


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