Phoebe, the soulless child, has been raised by her adoptive father, Eric—the universe-hopping vampire wizard from the future. After all, who better to raise a soulless infant than an undead monster?

He did his best to raise her right. He made certain she was well-educated. He picked a reasonably decent culture for her to grow up in. He trained her in her powers, taught her everything he could, and even broadened her horizons by touring other worlds, other times, other histories—and some futures! He did his best to be a good father and to prepare her for an uncaring universe.

Why? Because he knew there always comes a time when a child has to step out of the nest and spread her wings.

Some of them fly. Some of them fall.

From His Shadow is Phoebe’s diary, with events set between Nightlord: Fugue (book seven) and the forthcoming Nightlord: Penumbra (book eight) of the Nightlord series. 

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