Three wishes. Standard wish granting always comes in threes.

Anything that grants wishes is not to be trusted.  Just think about it.

Djinn, leprechauns, magical monkey paws…

Something always, always goes horribly wrong.

But what if you don’t actually want anything a djinni can conjure?  It’s obligated to you, but it has nothing to give.  What’s a poor djinni to do?

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream is a fantasy work by Garon Whited.

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Different but worth it!

This was a quick read but the impact is much larger than its page count. Nazin’s only wish is something even a mighty djinn cannot fathom. But a debt must be repaid.

-Kat H.

I liked this very much!

I liked this short story very much, I enjoyed the use of language, and of images along the story 🙂

-Pilar Guerrero


A very moving story

A story of love that outdid greed. This reads like an Arabian Night. What happens when love is one sided and the other is not worthy of being loved? This story answers that question.

-Kindle Customer

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