Love this Author. Liked the Book. Good read. Great price.



Nightlord Sunset by Garon Whited is a quite interesting…Every page kept me guessing. Compelling, suspenseful, and engaging. Garon Whited knew how to keep his readers hooked.

-Danielle Urban

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Absolutely loved this book!!!! A rich tale, good depth and lots of content! I feel totally satisfied that I got my monies worth in purchasing this book. Enjoy this book, it’s a good one!!!


Exploring a galaxy is only dangerous when something goes wrong–and things often do go wrong. Captain Daniels has a converted cargo ship and he’s out scouting new star systems for the Cygnus Corporation, building up his fortune in order to retire, get married, and settle down. Just one more run, that’s all. Always one more run.
Sooner or later, one more run will be his last run.

Ship’s Log: Vacuum Cleaver is a short story by Garon Whited.

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Ship’s Log: Vacuum Cleaver is available on Kindle.

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