It’s not easy being King. It is near impossible or so Eric, formerly a physics teacher turned vampire/king of Karvalen, has found. Especially when you have an allergy to sunrise and sunset, a fire-goddess for a  mother-in-law, demonic adversaries, random assassins, and a basement full of insecurities to cope with. Add to that his daughter, the  fire-priestess/princes, a couple of lightly-deranged professional magicians, a whole city full of wizards, and enough squabbling princes to resemble a kindergarten argument.It’s enough to make a man want to just go home.Luckily for Eric, he has the world’s fastest pet rock, a smart-mouthed sword Firebrand, and Bronze, a horse that not only understands him, but likes him anyway.Nightlord: Shadows is the second book in Garon Whited’s Nightlord series.

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Garon Whited

If you're suffering from withdrawal of hearing Sean Runnette read more Nightlord stories, here are some bonus stories to entertain you! -cwd… #nightlord #MondayMotivation #MondayMood

A fun high fantasy vampire romp

The second book in the series takes place almost exclusive in a high fantasy sword and sorcery environment…I loved this book as much as the first one.

-Winged Wolf

Eric/Halar is the Hero Karvalen Needs

This a fascinating look at Vampires and magic. I love Garon Whited’s writing style and the sense of humor he’s imparted to his main characters Eric/Halar, Firebrand, and Bronze.

-Kharen Erext



I love this author, the way he writes. He writes with so much elegance it is just fun to read. His humor is outstanding. I love his snarky humor.

-J. Isaacs

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