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Welcome to the first issue of “The Chronicle”, Garon Whited’s new monthly newsletter. Catch up on any book news, appearances, interviews, social media tidbits and more! You will also learn more about your favorite characters as Garon has plans to give his fans more of Eric and friends on his website. Garon has been very busy lately. He is hard at work with revising and editing “Knightfall”, 4th book of the Nightlord series and is hoping for a spring release. His website was updated and launched the first week of February. Garon has a new Facebook page and you can follow him by clicking the link below. His Twitter account is as active as ever and he has met a lot of new fans.

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If you are reading this, it’s too late for me.  You must find the keys and get them to—

Wait, wrong note.  Sorry.  Forget I said anything.

This is the note where I assume I’m still alive and writing, right?  Right.  Got it.  I should probably thank everyone reading this for being interested enough to get a newsletter.  I should also assure everyone that I’m working diligently and almost constantly on “Knightfall.”  It’s tough to balance things like sleep and food with writing.  I mean, I could write constantly, but I’d starve to death, so I have to stop periodically.  This annoys me dreadfully.

On the plus side, I can tell you about my writing stages of a book.  First, write everything down.  Second, go over it and re-write it.  Third, go over it and re-write it.  Fourth, go over it and try not to re-write it, just check for spelling, punctuation, and other technical issues… and maybe re-write a little bit.

I bring this up because “Knightfall” is in stage three!  If nothing else goes screwy (I had a computer hard drive blow up recently), I’m anticipating a release date somewhere in March or April.  (Audiobook to come later—Sean can’t start until I get done.)

Oh!  And if you’re on this email list, you may be interested in the “Survivor’s Tales.”  Eric is a bit of a goof and is terrible at seeing himself as he really is.  The “Survivor’s Tales” will be told from someone else’s point of view—presumably, someone who met him and survived.  If you’ve read “Orb,” you’ll recognize “Christiana’s Debriefing.”

Let’s see, what else?

I also have a stand-alone fantasy book in the first draft stage, ready for stage two.  That’ll sit and wait until I’m done with “Knightfall.”  If you’ve read “Dragonhunt,” my short story, you’ve read chapter two of the book.  Plus, Eric makes a cameo in “Dragonhunters,” the novel.  That man causes more chaos and trouble just by being himself…

I think that’s it for now.  As always, if you have any questions, comments, or spare money lying around, feel free to let me know!

We now return you to your regularly-schedule Internet surfing.


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Onlinebookclub Interviews Garon

Onlinebookclub Interviews Garon

Just 3 days after book four "Knightfall" of the Nightlord series was launched, interviewed Garon. You can watch the video below and view it on Facebook here

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