It’s not easy, being King. You can’t always rule a kingdom and still do what needs to be done. Eric–or King Halar, also known as the Demon King–has more than enough problems without the crown. But quitting the job of King isn’t easy, either–unless you want to be beheaded. Most people regard that as an unsatisfactory way to quit. Even vampire lords tend to be cautious about guillotines. A King who loses his head has a real problem… or none at all.

It’s time to sort some of these problems out, settle a few more, and kill the rest.
But at what cost?

Picking up exactly where the previous book “Orb” ends, and carrying on with an adventure of epic proportions, “Knightfall” is the fourth book of the “Nightlord” series.


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Garon Whited

Suppose there was an Evil Eric. What would he do? #TheEvilMeWould That's good for Thursday's question! -cwd

Fun, interesting and enjoyable read!

The most recent contribution to the series has all of the strengths of the previous novels and NONE of the weaknesses. Its a fun, interesting and enjoyable read.



I’ve loved the entire series, start to finish! Now I just have to get the audio book to go with it!

-Amanda Hardy


Best in the series thus far!

Stuff picks right up where it left off, so make sure you remember where the last book ended. All and all, a solid read.

-Jabberwocky Bandersnatch

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