Since the release of the fourth Nightlord book, “Knightfall,” there has been great anticipation about the audiobook release. Garon has been anxiously waiting for news from Podium Publishing about the release date. We have news about the audio book that we know and understand will be upsetting and maddening. Sean Runnette has completed his narration of the book, and now it enters the post production phase. While it was originally intended to have the audiobook available by June, the actual release date of the audiobook will indeed be in September.

The good news is that September is only 3 months away. The bad news is that we will all have to wait those three long months! The process of adapting a book into an audio version has many steps, and sometimes certain steps can take longer than others. As we have been told, the narration was completed on schedule, but that is only one piece of the audiobook puzzle. Now it is in the post-production and editing phase.

As soon as Garon and the team know, you will know! In the meantime, there is something exciting coming soon for Nightlord fans. Soon, a new wiki website will be launched, dedicated to the Nightlord book series. All of your favorite and least favorite characters, places and events will be available on one website. It will be one great way to brush up on your Nightlord knowledge.

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