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Note from Garon:

This is my note. It’s what people do, don’t they? Leave a note?

Whups!  Wrong kind of note.

I’m doing well, actually.  “Knightfall” is out, obviously, but Podium still has post-production to do on it before the audiobook release—we expect it in September!  So, if you’re an Audible person, go on and spend your credits for July.  September, though…

“Dragonhunters” is currently on Kindle, but will probably be expanding to other formats and stores—iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, et al.  Sorry; no plans for an audiobook version, but I’ve been busy with:

“Nightlord: Void,” book five in the “Nightlord” series.

We pick up our story after some time has passed—given how Eric lives in more than one world, it’s hard to say how much.  In Karvalen, it’s been about eight years.  He’s enjoyed his little vacation from being a king.  He’s managed to stay out of most religious and political entanglements.  It’s been a good time, all things considered.  Now, though, it’s time to get off the bench and back in the game… after all, “The purpose of games is to play.”

No, I don’t have a projected release date.  It’s still in the first-draft stage.  I’ve barely got a 160k words down, so far.  It’ll be a while, yet!

What else might be of interest?  I’m such a boring person outside my head.  Inside is much more entertaining.

Here on the website, I’m told we may soon have a Nightlord Wiki (Nightwiki?).  An invaluable resource for those wondering who that character is, where that location was, and how it all fits together.  Admittedly, it’s still in the construction phase, but give it time.  We’ll get there.

To go along with it, I’m still working with a mapmaker.  We may get a very nice map of the world of Rethven sometime in the near future!  (My own “map” of the place involves crayon.  We’ll wait for the pretty version before posting it.)

Oh!  GlitchCon, in Springdale, Arkansas, August 4th-6th.  I’m probably going to be there, barring the usual problems with meteorite strikes, nuclear war, and unexpected dimensional rips.

That’s it for me.  I’m off to write more story!

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