Christmas is a Long Night

Eric spent Halloween eyeballing some would-be wizards at a Halloween party on one of the mundane Earth-worlds. Whatever happened to that? Well… I, on the other hand, simply stood by, watching and waiting as they worked themselves to exhaustion. I was more than a...

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Halloween, 1956

I remember when I was in the late October of 1956.  One of them, anyway.  I was staying in a quiet little neighborhood reminiscent of my old place, when I lived in the Ardent farmhouse.  I was looking to sit quietly and think, maybe recapture a little of the...

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News on the Audible version of Knightfall

Since the release of the fourth Nightlord book, “Knightfall,” there has been great anticipation about the audiobook release. Garon has been anxiously waiting for news from Podium Publishing about the release date. We have news about the audio book that we know and...

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Hello! So far, so good. Still working through the rewrite (and then the edits) for "Knightfall"! Occasionally, though, I take a break to work on "Dragonhunters," an expanded story from the "Dragonhunt" short story I've already put up. No, I don't have an estimate,...

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