Welcome to the latest issue of the Chronicle. We hope that your year started off on a great note, as it did for us. Especially since we have news of something that has been long awaited and wanted! Within this issue of the Chronicle, you get to see the official author approved map for Rethven!

Don’t forget that every issue of the newsletter brings us a bit closer to the next book in the Nightlord series. So many things to look forward to, make sure you keep up with every issue of the Chronicle and follow Garon on social media. He’s all over Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram!

Speaking of being everywhere, there will not be an author’s note from the man himself. He is very busy with working on book #5, but does send his warmest greetings. Garon started the drafting and editing process awhile back, and as we all know, genius takes time. I know we are all eager and excited for Void, so keep holding on!

Until next time…

This Army

I ignored the loudmouth.  I’ve suffered worse than some schmo yelling at a movie theater screen.  I felt sure he would quiet down once the picture actually started. Down front, however, someone else wasn’t quite so tolerant.  The theater didn’t have handicapped...



Hello! So far, so good. Still working through the rewrite (and then the edits) for "Knightfall"! Occasionally, though, I take a break to work on "Dragonhunters," an expanded story from the "Dragonhunt" short story I've already put up. No, I don't have an estimate,...


Ants everywhere. The crawling little bastards bite and sting.  I suspect they also have a type of ultrasonic communication—I think I can almost hear some sort of high-pitched tone.  It’s more of a feeling around my inner ear, rather than something I can actually hear....

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