You don’t become a hero for the money. The money’s nice, sure, but you become a hero because something inside compels you, drives you to it. Defending people from monsters simply doesn’t pay well enough to make it a good career move.

As for hunting dragons… well, the money is usually good, but the job really bites.

A group of five professional heroes goes into the lair of the dragon. Who will win?

Spoiler: The dragon.

But it turns out killing a hero sometimes does nothing more than make him even more determined.

Sometimes, heroes are never more dangerous than when they’re dead!

Dragon Hunters is a sequel of sorts to the short story Dragonhunt.

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Dragonhunters is available on Kindle, Hardcover, and softcover.


Garon Whited

Let's imagine that it would be completely possible to back Sasha back restored, in one piece. Do you think Eric should or would even consider it? -cwd #nightlord #shadows #sunset #orb #void

Great Book

Great story, good background and a great idea well managed.


Alright Garon, You Win!

You and your cliffhangers! ARG!!! Alright, consider me hooked for the next one. I might as well give you my money now.

P.S I'll be very disappointed if he doesn't do it. If he's going to be a monster, he needs to be a monster at least once.


Good story

Great side story with a cameo to our favorite Night Lord.

-Amazon Customer

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