Daniel is a man defined by loss–the loss of his wife, the loss of his daughter, and the loss of his mind.

He’s accepted the loss of his wife.  He doesn’t know about the loss of his mind.  And he can’t endure the loss of his daughter.

So he’s decided to do what any respectable Victorian Steampunk madman would do.  He cannot live with the loss of his daughter…

So he built one.

Clockwork is a science fiction work by Garon Whited.

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Garon Whited

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Loved it!

From concept to conclusion, this story kept me intrigued.


Still my favorite 'Kindle books' author...

The ending on this one was stunning… literally. It took me a few moments to understand what had happened amongst the characters. This would have been a ‘best’ Twilight Zone episode.



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