Hello! So far, so good. Still working through the rewrite (and then the edits) for "Knightfall"! Occasionally, though, I take a break to work on "Dragonhunters," an expanded story from the "Dragonhunt" short story I've already put up. No, I don't have an estimate,...

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Ants everywhere. The crawling little bastards bite and sting.  I suspect they also have a type of ultrasonic communication—I think I can almost hear some sort of high-pitched tone.  It’s more of a feeling around my inner ear, rather than something I can actually hear....

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Hobbies: Pre and Post “Mortem”

As a junior professor of physics and computer science, Eric used to enjoy going to parties with grad students so he could watch them drink too much, with the usual levels of mirth associated with that.  Afterward, he drove people home and poured them into their...

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Vladimir’s BattleChess

All the normal rules of chess apply, except where altered below.  Pieces move the same ways, capturing pieces involves entering their square, and so on. Every piece should be represented by an individual combatant. When a piece attempts to move into the square of an...

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Elven Creation Myth Terrible First Draft (a.k.a. “Word Vomit”) Version Rendu was one of the Heru, and widely accepted as the master of all craftsmen.  There were others of the Heru who possessed greater strength, or speed, or skill at arms; but none could match the...

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